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It has been a very challenging couple of months for everyone, both personally and professionally.
We hope that you and your families have kept safe and healthy during restrictions
and are looking forward to emerging, as we ease our way back, again, to a new normality.
We are very excited to get the restaurant ready for the reopening on Tuesday the 4th of December.
We will be open Monday to Sunday from 1.00 pm to 10.00 pm
We can reassure you that we will have all the necessary precautions in place. And as always, our amazing team will be here with a big smile on their faces, even behind the masks 😊
Thank you to all of you for the support and positive messages through these times.
You are Amazing.
We look forward to seeing you back in La Caverna and Celebrate the End of the Year together.
Let’s stay Positive xxx

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75 CL






18.75 CL

1. Da Vero Rosso-Vegan

Sicily Italy


€19.00 €7.00

Catarratto Grapes

This is a lovely new Wine for Sicily,  is  Vegan and Organic, all now very much in vogue  

2. Le Corbinie 






Trebbiano, Malvasia Grapes
Distinctive, dry & clean on the palate. Elegant & floral nose.     

3. Soave

Minini - Veneto


 €26.00  €20.00  € 7.50

Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave Grapes (30% maximum)
Dry, light and refreshing. 

4. Chardonnay

Minini - Trentino

Italy €26.00 € 20.00  €7.50

Chardonnay Grapes  100%
Straw white with yellow reflexes. Delicate and fruity. Fresh, harmonious and very delicate. 

5. Anastasia

Dealu Mare Romania €27.50 €21.90 €8.00

Chardonnay Grapes  100%

A young wine , dry and elegant, with floral aroma of newly mown hay.

6. Savignon Blanc IGT

Delle Venezie Solstive


 € 27.50  € 21.90  €8.00

Sauvignon-Blanc Grapes 100%
Crisp & aromatic with a bouquet of gooseberries & a palate of lime & passionfruit. 

7. Pinot Grigio



€29.00  €23.00  €8.50

Pinot Grigio Grapes 100%
Crisp & medium-boded with an inviting fruity bouquet. Nutty & citrussy on the palate.


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